The Orville is the best show I had not seen

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 1, 2020, 3:21 PM | comments: 0

Seth MacFarlane, you know, the Family Guy, decided he wanted to roll a science fiction show with humor, because he'll never have to worry about money again. I mean, he talked Fox into rebooting Cosmos, so why not? So he got The Orville made, and it's completely brilliant.

I've never been that into Star Trek, though I've admired the stories they told as these quasi-morality plays set in a future where there is no money and we're able to cross light years in short order. What I've learned about the genre is that what's usually missing is humor. The Orville is not really a comedy, but there are just enough dick-and-fart jokes to make it not take itself so seriously. The show is both an homage to, and rip-off of, Star Trek, and it's great. In fact, a ton of Trek alumni have made cameos in the show, as well as a ton of other great character actors like Patrick Warburton.

They've cranked out two seasons so far, and they're available on Hulu. The third season was apparently half-shot when Covid hit, so there will eventually be more to come. If you're looking for something to binge watch, do it. It's surprisingly well written and I found myself really invested in most of the characters.


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