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posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 3:01 PM | comments: 1

A couple of my good friends wrote blog posts about, well, having a blog and writing. I think they're both worth talking about.

Gonch says that he doesn't write in his blog much anymore. On the other hand, he does a lot of drive-by status updates and photos on Facebook. He also gets all emo declaring the blog's potential death. What can I say, he likes pro wrestling too. :)

Tyler frames his lack of writing more on the tools required to pen meaningful thoughts. Specifically, iPads and phones are great consumption devices, but pretty much suck for composition. Like Gonch, Tyler also posts a lot of stuff in drive-by mode.

And the truth is, so do I. Facebook is really excellent for that, especially if you want to maintain some level of privacy (because I'm a person who actually bothers to figure out what that means). Older versions of my blog could actually receive photos from my old camera phones and what not, but today, that functionality is long gone.

Silly techie pundit types who contribute little to the world were frequently quoted as suggesting that the Twitter would make blogs obsolete. Anyone who would suggest that clearly didn't understand what the value of blogs really are: They're an ideal place to write long-form. You'll never get context out of 140 characters. A Facebook status update becomes obsolete and off the radar in a few hours, if not minutes. Your blog, however, is more like forever, if you choose to keep it on the Internets.

I write in my blog a lot less than I used to. However, I'm more particular about what it is that I write. I don't write the kind of, "Today I pooped and had a burrito" kind of posts that I might have made five years ago. That's status update fodder. It has no long-term value.

The classic blog is far from dead, it just has a more focused use case.



June 16, 2012, 9:08 PM #

I'm not what you call computer literate. I'm trying to find out what a blog is.I'm mostly interested in just voicing my opinion or feelings about different subjects that I feel stronly about, and if this would be the way to express my thoughts.

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