The retrospective, already?

posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 20, 2007, 12:33 AM | comments: 0

I am as tired as could be, but yet I can't fall asleep. Suffering from a little acid reflux, not surprising after eating more pizza than I should have for dinner.

I've been thinking a lot about the year, because you know I have to write my typical summary. I was just looking back at my blog posts and I'm happy that I keep a record of some things on my mind. Without context it seems like I had a really dark year. The first quarter was pretty horrible, I suppose. The break up with Cath, putting Luna down, the disastrous second-night stand, the general dissatisfaction with dating... not a great start. Lots of posts about it all, plus frustrations with my projects, posts from a PointBuzz member who subsequently died, lots of posts about movies... it was a weird time.

The turning point seemed to be in early May when I moved my office downstairs and started to really think about how to make things right at home. I think the hot tub helped too (it still helps three to six times a week). Spring, Maverick and a certain someone really helped jump start the changes.

I couldn't help but look for any posts made the day I met Diana. It's funny how I didn't really mention the date itself, since frankly I was getting jaded about ever meeting anyone again, and yet I ended the post with, "And I'm hell bent on only being with someone I can share with, and who I can share their good and bad times with as well. That's really what it's all about. I'll never settle for anything less. I think it might be right in front of me."

Of course, we've since talked about how things went. She and her friend Sherry joke about how after the first date she wasn't sure but wanted to give me a chance. And things went pretty slowly for the first several dates. We had some barriers, that's for sure.

The first all-day date we had, I was pretty hooked, and we've had a very steady and enriching experience since then.

OK... I think that's enough of a brain dump, and I'm ready to pass out now.


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