The return of sweet night night

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 8:14 PM | comments: 0

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that I was writing about how Simon's bedtime ritual, something that had been a source of joy for all of us, turned sour. He just hated it, and would cry and we'd have to go back up several times until he would settle down.

In the last few weeks, we've been in our spare bedroom frequently, because it's doubling as my office during the day. So when Simon comes in and visits, he has taken to pretend sleeping. It's hilarious and adorable. He gets under the covers and flops down on a pillow and pretend snores. At this point, Simon was sleeping for real in his crib without a blanket or pillow, because prior attempts only caused him irritation.

Then, just the other day, Diana put a pillow and a blanket in there, put him down for nap, and it was instant sleep. For the most part, he has gone down for every nap and overnight the same way since. The joy and comfort he seems to feel when he goes down is outright amazing. Once again, bedtime is a sweet and affectionate time for him.

This could not come at a better time. His other rough behaviors have been the source of a lot of stress for us, and I'm sure we've both lost our cool at times when he was just being a toddler. This helps counter that in a huge way, and it's such a relief.


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