The teeth! The teeth!

posted by Jeff | Monday, December 6, 2010, 7:51 PM | comments: 0

I was telling the guys at work how Simon has been the worst teether ever, and how cranky he has been. And by comparison, he still appears to be an over-achiever. It's just that these molars are taking so long to surface, and it looks like at least two, maybe four, are coming out all at once. It causes him to drool like the aliens in the Alien movies.

He was a mess yesterday, and most of today. You know it's bad news when you come home to Diana napping and he's had all of 90 minutes of nap the entire day. Fortunately, he got a good one in this time, and woke up pretty happy. I actually got to spend two quality hours with him tonight.

Simon has been developmentally interesting in other ways lately, so it's not all bad. He's vocalizing all kinds of new sounds almost on a daily basis. He's kind of getting what clapping is. He can do the thumb-forefinger pinch for food now too. Sitting up from a slouch is pretty easy, and I suspect it won't be long before he figures it out from being flat on his back. Now that he can grab stuff, he seems more motivated to get stuff. I won't be concerned if he holds off on that for a bit. :)

The sleeping scenario is much better than it was even a month ago. Some nights we do end up having to feed him between 9 and midnight, and rarely after that, but he's mostly sleeping over night. Some days he even gets up after 7. That's an especially big deal for Diana, since she gets up with him during the week, so I can squeak out 6 or 7 hours of sleep for work. The napping during the day is a lot more hit or miss, but that's probably because of the teething.

I was looking through photos of him on Facebook, and I can't believe how little he was. I mean, he wasn't really little for a newborn, but compared to now, he was tiny. Doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what his stats are.


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