The turning point for Apple: The Microsoft alliance

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 12:32 AM | comments: 0

This was the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. YouTube has the MacWorld announcement where Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and announced its alliance with Microsoft. Watch it... it's very interesting.

Jobs was very forthcoming at the time about the state of the company. When you look at where Apple was in 1997, and follow it through to 2000, then 2003, then this year with the Intel transition, it's really one of the greatest turnarounds in technology that I can think of in my lifetime. They were becoming virtually irrelevant back in the late 90's. Look at where they are now.

Also notice the people in the crowd booing. What caught me is the bald guy in the crowd at the very end of the video, shaking his head. What's that about? While it's funny to hear Jobs slam Microsoft now, he was right at the time about hating Microsoft just to hate Microsoft. I think it's fair that Office helped the Mac survive, and later it was the iPod that allowed it to stand on its own.

Those booing morons remind me a lot of the Linux geeks and platform religion assholes of today. If they spent any of that energy making their favorite things sexy and relevant to every day users, we might have a very different world today.


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