The ups and downs of being Cleveland

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 9:26 PM | comments: 0

I've seen an awful lot of my home town on TV lately, for good and bad reasons.

It's very sad to see people protesting in Cleveland. I mean, it has been relatively constructive, but people marching down Euclid Ave. for something that should have never been is heartbreaking. I think the only reason things aren't worse is the timing of the DOJ investigation of the police force. It's hard to believe that a bunch of people can empty guns into a car with unarmed people inside and no one is held accountable. It also sucks that the city is now a part of that overall police narrative of abuse, which includes an overtone that discredits the true professionals who bravely serve their communities.

On the other hand, we have the Cavaliers. I was so turned off by the way Lebron left Cleveland, because he gave up, and then he was an arrogant dick about his departure. I wasn't quick to forgive when he decided to come back, but a part of me hoped he realized that a legacy is hard work, and opportunity to truly lead is what makes an all-star. He still has his crybaby moments, but he's saying all the right things with his team, and it's staggering to see how hungry the Cavs are. It seems pretty clear that they'll go to the finals, but from what I've seen and read, it isn't clear that they could win.

I still give Cleveland some crap now and then, mostly because of winter, the awful Ohio government, the unwillingness of the city to find someone better than Frank Jackson to be mayor, mostly winter. But for my entire life, the city has been this place trying to come back from something. It's always on the cusp of being something more. I know a lot of people who still live there feel that it already is that thing, that "more," and that's fine. I hope that's a sentiment widely held. It's still hard to beat the other two metros I've most recently lived in, even if I can't call either one my home town.


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