The weather, yes

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 6, 2013, 10:59 PM | comments: 0

I'll be the first to admit that the amount of time people spend talking about weather borders on silly. It's the subject of small talk, and the first thing people complain about or praise. But make no mistake, it was a serious consideration in terms of us deciding to move. We'll certainly miss a "normal" fall in the Midwest or Pacific Northwest, but there's no missing winter.

My mom used to tell me all of the time that she felt better living in Florida, both in terms of physical and mental health. I've never had any real physical issues (aside from a slight soreness in my knees before spring rain), but with her joint issues, the weather has little to no impact. And in terms of mental health, I can tell you that seasonal affective disorder is very real, and has always been a huge problem for me. Now, even in the rainiest months of July and August, I see the sun every single day, and I notice how much better I feel. I'm just generally more positive. I'm actually a little freaked out by how much influence the weather has on my mood.

If you're a fan of thunderstorms, there are plenty of those here too. It's a little hard to predict compared to the Midwest, where stuff generally moves in a predictable fashion from west to east. If Toledo or Detroit was getting hammered by storms, you could bet Cleveland was going to get it in another three or four hours. Stuff just pops up here with all of that moisture, and if it isn't spontaneously developing, it's coming from any direction.

Summer is the winter here. It's the time that some people find the most uncomfortable, and prefer to stay inside when it's 92 degrees every day. I personally don't mind it, and prefer it over actual winter up north where it's not just uncomfortable outside, it can kill you.

I can't tell you how I'll feel about the weather five or ten years down the road, but for now at least I can tell you that I dig it. Evening jacket weather in the 60's isn't far off now, and that's a pretty comfortable and non-extreme season swing I look forward to.


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