The week ahead

posted by Jeff | Monday, April 20, 2009, 1:51 AM | comments: 0

I'm going to try really hard to be positive this week, since yesterweek was pretty shitty. I still have a lot of anger issues I'm trying to process about the lay-off, and what actions I'm taking in response to it. Actually I already know what actions I'm planning to take, and they bring me some joy.

But I really need to flush out the negativity and push forward. I'll spend the typical hour per day that it takes to find work, but beyond that I've got so many ideas and things I want to do. I'm really excited about the possibilities.

The funny thing is, my big win last year with eliminating non-mortgage debt has shocked me into fear about making as much money as possible, which works against me now. I'm going to have to work through that. Sure, I've got some honeymoon expenses on credit, but my credit card rate is the same as my mortgage. It's not a huge expense for now. I was in far worse shape circa 2001 with about half of the earning potential.

My immediate priorities include:
- Finish my blogging app, or just get it more polished since it's in pretty good shape.
- Explore the opportunity to write a programming book that uses the blogging app as the sample.
- Write. Fucking write as much as possible. I love to write.
- Read. Magazines, blogs, books, screenplays, cereal boxes, whatever. Take as much in as possible.
- Do what I can to help make Diana's life easier. I'm gonna be leaning on her emotionally and maybe slightly financially if this goes on too long.
- Have lunch with a former boss. Even if he doesn't have any work, I don't want to lose that contact.

The weather is going to be wet and miserable the next three days, so this will be one hell of a challenge. I think I'm up for it.


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