Things start to add up

posted by Jeff | Friday, October 29, 2010, 11:38 PM | comments: 0

I found myself feeling very melancholy tonight. I think things have just added up a bit. Like this is closing weekend at Cedar Point, and it's the first one I'll miss in something like 12 years. My would-be anniversary was this week, would've been 10. Stopping by the old apartment today, the one I'm glad to be rid of, made me a little sad because it's the place we brought Simon home to. And dammit if I don't miss my hot tub for its relaxation properties.

There are bigger issues too, but not things I want to publicly write about. The world generally just feels so heavy lately. Part of this is undoubtedly exhaustion, because between all of the travel and the moving, I can't seem to catch up. We actually postponed our Orlando trip by six to eight weeks, partially for the unrest that would come with what should be restful, and partly to be fiscally responsible.

In three weeks, I've got a week off. Our group's group gets the day before Thanksgiving off, and our immediate group gets the day off before that. So throw in a vacation day, and that's the week. I am hell bent on doing only things I want that week. I need that in the worst way. I haven't really had any decompression in awhile.


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