Three months under da sea (world)

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 11:33 PM | comments: 0

Today was the three month anniversary of my start date at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Coincidentally, I also went to the mothership park with my boss and another coworker for lunch. It really helps to visit the park, because it gives context about what I do. Since I'm on contract, not an FTE, I can't just drop in any time, unfortunately. While taking a lap on Kraken, I wondered how many of my colleagues realize the awesome product that they're a part of for millions of people every year.

Obviously I can't talk about what I do in detail, but it's a pretty wide variety of stuff that ranges from administrative to compliance to design to strategic work. It's software architecture from every angle. What I really dig about it is the constant context switching, which would probably drive certain personality types nuts, but it gives me opportunities to really expand my experience. Hopefully the gig will renew or convert three months from now.

Meanwhile, Florida life in The OC is pretty solid. It's hard to not have a traditional October (and I'm sure I'll have a little bit of that in May, too), but in 90 days we've only had one completely absent of sun. It's remarkable that I never feel any weather induced funk. The hardest thing is to not be outside for any extended period of time. I never want to stay home.

We're getting to know the west side of the county pretty well. In vacation central, there's certainly no shortage of things to do. We do visit WDW quite a bit, and especially now during the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, there is always good food and live music. Diana is regularly volunteering at GKTW. I'm trying to get involved in the local user group, though admittedly haven't found a good time to hit any of their events. We don't have a wide social circle yet, but it's slowly evolving.

Simon seems to be really flourishing as well. Certainly the kid is a little spoiled that he gets to visit Disney at least once a week, but it has been interesting to see how a kid with speech delays is so eager to talk about the things he sees there. Preschool is really working for him, too. And with all of the great weather, he has plenty of chances to get out walking.

I think we're still working on balancing things out, and we're also a bit transient still since we'll be moving again by February. But after four moves in four years, I have to say that this transition (for me at least) has been the easiest. Even though there is a fair amount of uncertainty in our future, I never question the decision. There's no doubt we did the right thing.


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