Top Chef All-Stars

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 8:52 PM | comments: 0

I hate reality TV, and I don't care for the contrived competition crap. I really don't care for the cooking competition shows. But Top Chef has always required my attention because because the people on it are typically real chefs who make beautiful, and presumably delicious food. Invite back a bunch of them who didn't quite make it, and you know it has to be good.

They invited some back who I was surprised didn't win the first time. I thought Jennifer was a sure thing, Richard made some great looking stuff, Spike seemed like a contender, and even Mike was strong even though he's a douche. And of course, I love Jamie, because of her hot tattoo freaky chick style. (Being into TV women is silly, but being into TV women who are also lesbians is probably even more silly.)

Good times. I'm glad the genre hasn't been completely bastardized.


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