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posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 8, 2012, 11:05 PM | comments: 0

This year is going faster than I can believe. The scary thing about July is that it's only three months from October, and that's only at the start of the month.

We're kind of guessing on the rest of the year's travel, but we really want to go to Seattle before the end of summer, which is coming at a frightening pace. It also comes at a frightening cost, I suppose because I kind of forget how we need three seats now. And if that weren't annoying enough, we would have to fly out of CAK to get there, because the flights from Cleveland seemingly don't exist. I don't understand the flight booking system, because there are a ton of flights to Chicago, and from there a reasonable selection to Seattle. It shouldn't be that hard.

We've also vaguely talked about going to Orlando between holidays, but we just aren't sure about any of it. I would really like to go to Disney World while Simon is still free, and obviously that's more for us since he's too young to remember any of it, and he doesn't really know the characters either. It's just hard to say how he'll be on a trip like that, five months from now. He's showing more willingness to adapt in terms of sleep and eating, but it's hard to say. I think he would really like the buses and the monorail. I just don't know if he'd make it to Illuminations or the Christmas lights. I'd really like to try the suites at the new Art of Animation resort.

This year is going by way too fast.


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