Updated all the things today for .NET 6

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 8, 2021, 9:12 PM | comments: 0

I got a release out for POP Forums finally, the first significant one since August of last year. Not really much in the way of feature work, but at least I'm current on all of the frameworks and things. Then I updated the hosted version and CoasterBuzz with it, and everything is running on the new stuff now. The work I did ahead of time certainly helped.

We get new releases of .NET every year now, but last year I didn't update all of the things because certain things (Azure Functions) weren't supported, which is also why I didn't do a release. Every few years they do a new release of Visual Studio, the primary tooling app, and this year is a particularly big deal because it's now a 64-bit application. It also does this amazing thing where you can change code while you're debugging and you don't have to stop and rebuild. It's very exciting, and if you're not in this line of work, you'll have to take my word for it.

All things considered, this was the smoothest update to the framework for as long as they've been in open source mode, with the flip to the run-everywhere Core framework. Five years ago, we were just getting to the first supported release, and the tooling and support, especially as it related to Azure, was not ideal. The format of project files were changing, which by extension meant build pipelines were constantly changing. But this time, all of the product teams put stuff out there in the expected cadence with betas and previews on the way. It was really glorious. Congrats to all of the folks that made that happen.

I'm not sure what to work on next. I have a private project I've been working on, and I feel like I should get MLocker to some kind of milestone that's release worthy. I've been using it almost every single day for the last year, and it more or less works, just not in a completely disconnected way. It needs a fair amount of refactoring, too, since it was my first attempt at using the Blazor. If I were really ambitious, I'd make mobile clients for it, which is something that I haven't messed with in years.

I also want to revisit some kind of approach to components in the forums without actually turning the whole thing into a SPA. It may make the most sense to just go low-level and roll my own small thing, given the scope of what I want to do, but my Javascript-foo is not strong, which might be the reason I want to try it.


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