US Open taking over my life

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 8:19 PM | comments: 0

We're only in the first rounds, and already the US Open is starting to consume my evenings. Marrying a tennis fan pretty much makes you a tennis fan.

The big tournaments have gotten a lot more interesting in the last two years, because it's not the same people winning all of the time. The women and the men both seem a lot more competitive, where before it seemed like two or three were likely to win and that was that.

Watching Serena play right now. Already tired of hearing the announcers kiss the asses of the Williams sisters. I haven't forgot Serena's bullshit with the line judge a couple of years ago. They both take being pro for granted in a way typical of pros in other sports, and it's lame. I'm all about the scrappy kids from who can barely afford a plane ticket and then manage to win a few matches.

All of this tennis on TV can't be good for doing anything else constructive in the next two weeks!


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