Venus Hum

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 3:07 PM | comments: 0
Found a group I'm somewhat fond of... Venus Hum

It's hard to really peg them into a category. It's like Bjork meets any band with a strong female vocalist (and significantly less odd). I was turned on to them when they covered "I Feel Love" with Blue Man Group (the girl in the video is in the band). The final push to buy something from them from iTunes was the song they made from the Alias theme.

I bought their new EP and their album from last year, and for the most part, I dig it all. There are a few tracks that don't really grab me, but there are others I really like.

It's nice to have found something new that you can get into. I've encountered all kinds of "new" stuff in the last year, but few things have grabbed me as stuff I can really listen to over and over.


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