Veronica Mars season 2

posted by Jeff | Friday, May 12, 2006, 11:36 PM | comments: 0

I decided to catch up on TV shows tonight because my DVR hard drive was getting way too full. I knocked out some Boston Legal and Commander in Chief yesterday. Tonight, I watched five episodes of Veronica Mars, which as it turns out was the rest of season 2.

Man, the last three episodes sure got intense, and the writing really went to a new level. The finale had a really interesting dream sequence that had an alternate reality, one where everything would've stayed "perfect" in her life, including the same friends, and her best friend Lilly (you knew her as Karen in Mean Girls) not having been murdered. Kind of made me think of my own life, how a couple of years will pass and nothing turns out as you expected.

Lots of great twists and turns, and a pretty good cliff hanger too. Tied lots of loose ends together, even from the first season. Can't wait for the DVD, and sesason 3!


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