Victory is mine!

posted by Jeff | Monday, March 29, 2004, 8:19 AM | comments: 0
My kids won their tournament yesterday. In all fairness, it was filled with ten easy teams, then us and the team we played in the final. The day was not without its drama.

The really easy teams we ended up struggling against in the second games. We would blow them away, then get bored and play down. I hate that! We nearly blew our shot for the gold bracket in the last game of the last pool match against a team we should've destroyed. Squeaked by 17-15 in the third game. I guess they like to keep it interesting for the fans.

Gold semi, owned the other team. Then in the final, the other good team. We fell apart in the end of the first game and lost by a couple of points. In the second game, we blew a nice 11-3 lead but finished 25-23. Too close! Fortunately, after dropping the first three points in game 3, we won it 15-12. My kids had their first gold.

That was an important game to win, because they demonstrated to themselves that they can bounce back from a tough time and get the job done. It wasn't convincing, but they did it. The next challenge I think is trying to figure out how to keep them having fun and balance being serious with keeping things light enough. When they get too serious, they get quiet, and quiet is bad in volleyball.

Now to complicate my life further, a couple of the parents are encouraging me to coach their high school team. One can't do that when you have a regular day job.


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