Volleyball in prime time

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 10:07 PM | comments: 0

They've had the Big 10 Network on my cable system for some time, but they just recently added it in HD. I rarely channel surf, and when I do, it's only in the HD range. I've recently discovered that they have a lot of volleyball. I mean lots of it. Tonight I was watching Michigan vs. State (sorry Spartan fans, it didn't work out). I've really enjoyed the matches I've watched. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of talent in this conference.

Once we've managed to nest a bit, I definitely want to get involved with USAVB again. This year, I just can't imagine doing it while adjusting to a new place, new job and a new baby. Perhaps I'll volunteer in the regional stuff, but that's it.

The year after, however, I'm inclined to even start a club. It doesn't look like there are very many clubs around there, which might just be a serious opportunity. One of the things I always struggled with in the Ohio Valley Region is that it was easily the most competitive in the country. I'm glad I had average teams against all of the national champs we'd contend with, but the clubs themselves then have to compete for the best talent.

Regardless, I've been without volleyball in my life for too long.


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