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TV Land had a show this year called Younger, which has fortunately been renewed. It stars Sutton Foster and a number of capable and hilarious actors (including Hillary Duff). We first learned about Foster when she did an amazing one-shot number about levers on Sesame Street a few years ago (seriously, one continuous Steadycam shot). She was on an ABC Family show called Bunheads that didn't last very long, but what we did see impressed us. We filled in the blanks to see she was a big star on Broadway. She's very charming, and kind of nerdy, and fun to watch.

In Younger, she plays a 40-year-old woman, recently divorced and empty-nesting, who can't reboot her career because no one will take her seriously after being out away from work for so long. So she fakes being 26, and she gets a job, a younger boyfriend, and hilarities ensue. The show is funny, sad and at times vulgar in exceptional ways. It's surprisingly well-written.

One of the things that resonates with me is the different ways we look at age. As a kid, I tended to gravitate toward adults, but starting in my late 20's, I often identified more with younger folks. I still roll like that, but also appreciate the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age. People of all ages can contribute to the world. The show both plays to and rejects the Millennial stereotypes.

Meh, whatever, I don't mean to overthink it. It's a funny ass show, excellent for binge watching.


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