We ask a lot of each other

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 9:23 AM | comments: 0

I want to say that the chaos of our move is starting to get better, but it doesn't always feel like it. Diana had made huge strides in the last few days, executing boxes one by one. You can actually see the floor in places!

It really has taken its toll on us all in different ways. I'm burned out, especially going to a job and then wanting to do more, Diana's patience with everything is reduced, and poor Simon is struggling with the fact that he isn't getting very much attention from us.

Last night made me sad. I was putting up a curtain rod in Simon's room, and he was already whining most of the day. While I was up on the step stool, he came up to me, whimpering, carrying his pajamas and a new diaper. I felt terrible.

We ask a lot of Simon to roll with the changes. I'm a fan of saying, "He's young, he'll adjust," but I have to be mindful of his limits. Same goes for the grownups in the house. We try to push through and get things done and settled, and in the process we neglect each other's needs and desire to just be human. We're moving so fast, and the last two and a half weeks have been a blur. Big change from the two weeks prior that were awesomely filled with tourism and rest.

That's probably where my separation anxiety from Seattle is rooted. After a couple of weeks of trips to mountains and zoos, frequent Finaghty's visits and walks down Fairway, nothing is the same. It's hard.

Diana's resolve today is to make the day about Simon. I'm not sure what my plan is. I'm fairly certain that I want to crash on that new couch with my little family and watch TV.


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