We don't really do the customs

posted by Jeff | Sunday, October 9, 2022, 1:15 PM | comments: 0

Every now and then I notice that we don't do stuff that other people typically do. And I don't mean this to imply that doing those things is stupid or wrong or whatever, and I'm not trying to claim a hipster card. I am curious to know why we don't do said things though.

For example, we got Simon's school picture proof, and I realized that we almost never buy school pictures. It was certainly a thing when I was a kid, and I see other people do it, but we for some reason never really got into that rhythm. I would speculate that it's because in a world of mobile photos, we capture photos almost every day, and those are good enough. I have, largely on impulse, done photo books periodically, mostly because of an ad or discount or something.

We don't decorate our house in the durable sense of the word. Diana loves holiday deco, but we have a lot of empty walls, unpainted. For the amount of home improvement TV we watch, that's pretty weird. You'd think we would strive for living in a Pottery Barn catalog. For this I might speculate that it's because we've been transient most of our time together, never living in one place for very long, but this one we've been in for five years. My thing is I hate our shitty builder carpet and bathroom, so it seems like improving the decor is like dressing up a hairless cat.

We don't do family dinner that often, although that's easier to explain because Simon and I are picky eaters and Diana often works nights. But also, as a family of three, spending time together is hardly a rarity.

I dunno, I can't explain why we're atypical, but I have to avoid thinking we're abnormal. I hate the "N word." These are just random observations.


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