Weather will be an adjustment

posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 8, 2011, 11:46 AM | comments: 0

As much as I like to think that trading cold and rainy for really cold and snowy is largely a lateral move, I'm already thinking about how much I'm ready for warm and sunny. We're at our first significant block of time with the temperature below freezing. It'll drift back up now and then, but overnights for some time will likely be freezing. I'm already not liking that.

The memories of walking all over town with Simon in Snoqualmie, with stops at the playgrounds and Finaghty's are weighing pretty heavy on me right now. To be realistic, we wouldn't be doing that much if we were still living there, but it's hard to believe that since it was 74 and sunny everyday when we left.

The short-term fix is that we're definitely going to do the indoor waterpark thing at some point next month. We had a great time at Great Wolf near Tacoma earlier this year. Simon's love for flowing water in the bath (he's filling cups and playing under the faucet) makes that a great plan. We've got three near here, and we'll probably give Cedar Point's a try.

Still no specific plans around a Florida trip early in the year. I want to do it though, but I'm not sure when or what we'll do.

One thing I do dig is that when we do have sun, it makes a huge difference at our house. Big windows facing the south are a big deal.

It's only January to March that are really hard, as I remember it. I can make it!


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