Weight loss progress

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 2, 2009, 8:32 PM | comments: 0

Four weeks on the plan now, though I haven't been hard core tracking points, but I'm down five pounds in four weeks. I was reading six as of Friday (I use Monday as the official weigh-in day), but I had fried food three times this weekend, so that probably didn't help.

But I'm still more or less on a pound-and-a-half per week pace, which I can live with. I wanted to drop ten by the wedding, so hitting the next five should be easy enough to get me back to my 2005 weight. If I could drop 10 to 12, even better.

I haven't added in any exercise, so I'm sure I could be doing better. I just hate "working out" for the most part. I keep saying I'm going to take up tennis, but I'm not motivated enough.

The thing that really helps me out is working in an office where I'm in the sun most of the day. I mean seriously, I see just how huge of an impact that has. If I'm in the sun, I don't feel the need to get out of the office, and if I bring lunch, I'm not eating Chipotle or BWW or whatever. It helps that I don't mind being there.

I decided this weekend that I don't mind being just slightly doughy, and more than one woman has told me that's actually not terrible (and I've got the legs to distract). I'm never gonna have the body of Phelps (unless I start hitting the weed I guess), so I'm OK just being remarkably average without being unhealthy.


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