Weird apocalyptic dream

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 15, 2003, 12:16 PM | comments: 2
I hate having scary dreams because whatever is disturbing about them has to be coming from something in that brain of mine.

So here I am in some kind of dark world that is something like downtown Cleveland (near Lakeside and E.9th, if I had to pick somewhere), and it's dark and stormy only not raining. For some reason, I know that I'm somehow about to experience 9/11 as if I went back in time and it actually happened in this place that I'm at. There are of course two buildings, only they're not quite the World Trade Center.

Knowing what's about to happen, I'm frantically looking for my dearest wife, but can't find her. Phones are dead for some reason. I'm in a big lobby area of one of the buildings that extends beneath the entire footprint of the building and has windows along the top edge (influenced I think as a cross between photos of the actual WTC lobbies and Paramtown mall). I look up at the clock. It's 8:40 am. Weird that I know the time.

A plane hits the building that I'm in and there is an enormous thunder from above. Everyone else kind of just goes about their business and shrugs it off. I'm nervous because I'm worried my wife is upstairs in the building. Then, one of my volleyball kids (who I went to see play for her high school on Saturday) comes up to me in a panic and says she can't find her parents. All of a sudden, on the other side of the giant lobby area, explosions go off one at a time, kind of like stage pyrotechnics. I throw my VB kid to the ground and jump on top of her (some how covering her entirely even though in real life she's only an inch or two shorter than me). More of the pyro goes off around us.

From there, I get our asses out of the building, and head toward the lake. I look up at the one building to see a big hole in it and for some reason the other one has all kinds of holes in it and damage. I don't know what happened to my VB kid at this point, but I'm trying to get my new phone (I bought one Friday) to get a signal so I can find my wife, but it doesn't work.

The daytime darkness continues and for some reason I can see Cedar Point from the lakeshore (interestingly enough, to the east instead of west), so I start walking in that direction.

I get there (though it's actually more of a campground), and finally hook up with Steph. My brother is also there (talked to him on the phone yesterday) and he's asking questions about some new ride.

I have no idea what all of that means, but it's the first disaster dream I've had in awhile that didn't involve nuclear holocaust. I was having some allergy issues overnight, so that was probably keeping me from getting a good night's sleep.


rollison, September 16, 2003, 6:19 AM #

I too have a lot of these types of dreams. I'll share probably the two that stuck with me the longest.

--I had this one dream where I was at the drive in. It was still light, just getting ready to go dark...then *suddenly* it's nighttime. I look up at the sky and the starts are going out one by one...until two are left. Then these clouds come together and form a face, with the two stars for eyes...and this face just starts breathing fire down on everything! So at this point I jump in my car and Drive to church to give my last confession...but it's too crammed to get I just wait for it...and as it comes up to me....I wake up.

--Then I had this otehr one...this one's kind of harder to describe. I was driving a car, and listening to a Christina Aguilera song on the radio (how's that for irony, Jeff? You were just talking about her.), and then all of a sudden, a car in front of me flips, and is about to land right on my hood/windshield. I suddenly see this writing in the bottom left hand side of the "screen" (think MTV or VH1 music video titles), andi t says "EJECT NOW!! EJECT THE TAPE!" But I don't..and the car crashes down on me and I hear a crunching sound, and a...Game over sound (think of you dying in the old style arcade games and the weird little sound they make)...then, I come to in a snap, and my WHOLE body is tingling...

Pretty weird, eh?

Jeff, September 16, 2003, 2:39 PM #

The one I had at least was more of a local disaster. The nuclear holocaust dreams I used to have a lot are a lot more scary because of the scope of them. And it's weird too, because people just ten years younger than me don't have these kinds of dreams, presumably because they haven't grown up in the cold war. When I was a kid they had a TV movie on called "The Day After" that graphically showed people getting vaporized. Of course, those were the scenes that also made it into the talk shows too, so I saw them a lot. It was pretty controversial at the time, because it was really fucking scary.

Long story longer, I think I'm still affected by seeing that.

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