What does the ideal third party look like in American politics?

posted by Jeff | Friday, January 8, 2016, 7:25 PM | comments: 0

I'm sure it will continue for a very long time, but I hate both sides of American politics. One side is hell bent on not doing anything while vilifying everyone and everything, spreading fear, while the other side wants to spend money on everything you can think of in the name of a big group hug. I like the latter group only slightly more because at least they don't hate everyone. They still suck. I can't understand how people will rally behind any of them.

But it's clear to me that there are people who think along the lines of a true third party. I would say, "thinks more like me," but that isn't necessarily always the case. What do those people look like? How would I describe them? Can it be done in a bulleted list?

The current crop of presidential candidates don't fit into this at all. The GOP is so extreme to the right (and pandering to a ridiculous minority), and because of that, they have no shot at winning. Meanwhile, the Democrats are leaning too far left, believing they can solve every problem with more government (and they do a fair amount of pandering as well).

I know a surprising number of people who see eye to eye with me on these points, and I bet 10 years ago they would have squarely fit into the red or blue category. Not so much anymore. I suppose this is partly because of the extreme left/right pandering, the divisiveness that has been pervasive for the last decade. I'm curious to know how many people agree with this mix that samples the former values of both parties.


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