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posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 10:35 PM | comments: 0

One of the guys at work pointed out that I essentially spend my time writing code for three forum apps... POP Forums, the MSDN/Technet forums and a third kind of quasi-forum skunkworks project at work. That makes me sad. But at least I didn't touch anything from Thursday night to Monday morning.

Anyway, work on PF9 is coming along, though not as fast as I'd like because I just can't find enough time for it. I really wanted to have a strong beta version out in November, but that might be hard to hit.

Tonight I was wrestling with trying to use TinyMCE as the text editor. It's super powerful, and generally pretty sweet, but it's a bitch to get it working just the way you want, and integrated it with your app. There are also a billion files you don't need, so I'm trying to weed those out too. Since I'm open sourcing this, it just makes sense to use other open source stuff (it also uses Ninject, NUnit, Moq and jQuery). If I can get this cleaned up and working, I'd be happy to do another preview release.


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