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posted by Jeff | Sunday, September 12, 2010, 8:50 PM | comments: 0

Over ten years ago now, when we started our sites, we set a tone early on in what I'd consider the "wild west" of the Internet. Sure, how to behave online when interacting with other people was something that wasn't well defined, but we managed to cultivate an audience that generally at least kept things interesting and readable. It didn't matter if people disagreed with each other (or us), so long as they could communicate like humans. Today, most of that takes care of itself, and you can count the number of people we've bounced in the last year (from CB and PB combined) on one hand. But sometimes, when you do, I get gems like this...

Why am I banned ?  ,, For speaking the truth ? I understand this website is 'Privately Owned'  I guess you just promote Gossip ,, Unless you have inside Information that the public wants to hear  (('WHICH YOU DO NOT',)),,,,,, I suggest you enforce your rules on others that continually BANTAR about a Company and 'RIP IT ' overtime they speak,,     Rather Defeating  for us that own Stock ,and have been visiting for over 40 Years of my life ! ,,, Get Real ,, [name removed]

See what we deal with? The sad thing is how personal it is for this guy. I couldn't even tell you what he got bounced for (I'm sure it was profanity or name calling), or if it was me or Walt that did it. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure which site it was.


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