When I didn't write

posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 22, 2013, 10:41 PM | comments: 0

A friend of mine was recently divorced. It all seemed to happen very fast, and for a lot of different reasons, she's blogging about the experience and the insane emotions that have gone along with it. I can definitely relate to her pain, and my heart goes out to her. I also credit her with being a fantastic writer, though I wish I could have learned about that in some other way.

It did get me to thinking though, that I didn't write about my split much at all in 2005. There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is we were separated for more than a year before a judge told us we were no longer married. In the early part of the split, I was in denial. In the middle of it, I was quasi-dating. I guess the biggest issue is that I just didn't want anyone to know. Years later, I'm just glad that Stephanie and I can still be friends. I know that most serious relationships don't end that way.

By not writing about it, I feel like I didn't capture everything I was thinking and feeling then. The reason I care is that I've found writing to be a historical record, and also a collection of life lessons I can refer back to. This might sound ridiculous, but I'm just ridiculous enough to repeat mistakes. At the very least, maybe someone else can benefit from my experience.

I've become a lot more private. I don't write as much about work and life as I used to. I hate that.


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