When I needed Kirsten Dunst

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 25, 2016, 4:30 PM | comments: 0

I heard a song that caused a flood of memories to come rushing back from 2005. That was not, as my dear friends know, a very easy year for me (you would never know it by reading my blog back then). That fall in particular was emotionally challenging, as I was learning to be single, and I wasn't very good at it.

In October of that year, Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown came out, which was pretty exciting for me, as I had long believed that Crowe's Singles was the definitive movie of my college years. The film wasn't much of a hit, but it couldn't have been more appropriate for me. A guy is professionally and personally lost, and he needs a little help figuring out what's next, how to live in the world again. Kirsten Dunst plays Claire, a dorky but charming flight attendant he meets by chance. A temporary romance develops, as she challenges him to get beyond failure, let him know someone could appreciate him, and get him back to moving forward.

I needed a Kirsten Dunst as Claire at that point in my life. That movie sat with me for a long time, because it struck a lot of chords. As you might expect, I did not magically meet a Claire and hook up with her. The unfortunate thing about movies is that they're not real. However, from that point, and through the next 20 months or so, I met a combination of people that could compositely be considered my Claire. While I don't believe there is some cosmic force in the universe designing my fate, there have been a lot of the right people showing up at the right time in my life.

I'm grateful for my Kirsten Dunst's.


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