When life throws shit at you...

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 2, 2003, 10:38 PM | comments: 0
Word on the street is that I'm losing my job this week. The timing, naturally, couldn't be worse.

I was laid off about two years ago and it really tore me apart. Truth be told, things never got that bad financially, but it really fucked with my head with regards to self-esteem and such. This time I'm trying to resolve to not let it bother me. I kinda saw it coming for one thing, and for another I've tried to teach myself that a job working for someone else does not define who I am.

The other serious issue is that there's enough stress in my house right now, and we certainly don't need this on top of it. We had a family emergency, the cat is still sick on and off, Steph has her PhD candidacy exam coming up and to make things really exciting, the holidays are nearly upon us.

One thing became very clear to me though this weekend. Things could certainly be a lot worse. As usual, this could be viewed as an opportunity.


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