When the hobby gets intense

posted by Jeff | Friday, January 17, 2003, 2:07 PM | comments: 0

I've spent evenings during the last week or so blasting out new stuff for a "new and improved" version of CoasterBuzz.com. So far so good, and what makes me so excited about it is that it's working in the framework of my new content management application. I just hope I can meet my self-imposed deadline.

Meanwhile, I've been HTML'd to death at work. I've spent a couple of weeks now just creating the UI for our Web app there. To this point, I've only done page after page of HTML forms, no actual logic. It's starting to seriously burn me out, but I'm almost done, and can finally move on to logic soon.

I keep wondering how long I'll do these Web sites on the hobby side of things. I've really enjoyed rebuilding CoasterBuzz. I've come to realize that the site has been more or less been taking care of itself with the help of its members for about three years. That's three years on (more or less) the same code. Not a bad run at all, I should say. As long as the site continues to be low-maintenance for me, I'm sure it'll last another three years.

Guide to The Point has now been up for nearly five years. That one I don't feel as strongly about. Aside from the forums, it's hard to maintain it with anything fresh. We'll see how much longer I can hold interest in it.

Of course, with these sites having been around for so long, they're also very popular, and since they're popular, they're expensive to keep up. A year or two ago that wasn't a big deal, because advertising paid for everything. Now, it's not even covering half of the cost. A little over a year ago I started CoasterBuzz Club, which has really helped out, but even it doesn't totally offset the decline in ad dollars.

Just some random thoughts, since I don't know what else to write about. Tomorrow is Stephanie's birthday, along with our rave/fetish/goth party. Should be a good time!


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