Where the fuck is Jeff?

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, June 19, 2002, 6:45 PM | comments: 0

Let me give you the abbreviated version of where I've been and what's been going on. I know that if you're actually bothering to read this, you probably care, but I shall not assume that.

First off, we knocked out a ton of roller coaster enthusiast events. It started with Stark Raven Mad at Holiday World June 1, and it kicked more ass than ever. I did CoasterMania at Cedar Point with Timmay and Pete, got a little fucked up and had a damn good time on June 7. June 9 was our big event at Paramount's Kings Island, CoasterBuzzCon, and for me (and apparently a few others), it was one of the best events I've been to.

Let's see, I had this nasty ass cyst between my eyes. Fucking 29 years old and I still get zits that hatch aliens. It's almost gone now and fortunately it didn't scar.

After giving up on the tools at PC Mall, I ordered a D60 camera from a Canadian vendor. It's sitting on my kitchen table now, and I'll crack open the box in an hour from now. Finally, real digital photography.

POP Forums v6.0 for ASP.NET is essentially done, just working to make it pretty. That took nearly six months to finish, and not because I was all that busy.

Had my kids over for one last BBQ last weekend. Sadly, I still didn't have the entire team there, and it kind of irritates me. The last two months of the season I almost never had them together as a group, and I still believe that hurt us.

Stephanie and her dad did a remarkable job landscaping the back yard. Looks great. We've still got a huge pile of shit in the driveway (see Subdivision Cam).

I'm sure there are other things, but it's quitting time!


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