Why is Bush so full of shit?

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 19, 2003, 11:17 AM | comments: 0
Ugh... this angers me:


Synopsis: Now Dubya says that they don't have, and never had, any real evidence that Saddam was hooked to terrorists.

So let's go back to March, shall we? The justification for war against Iraq basically centered on three areas:

  1. Weapons of mass destruction. Well, so where are they? Still haven't found any, had no real proof they existsed before we started blowing shit up.
  2. Links to terrorists. Again, now El Presidente says there's no proof there. How did 69% of Americans think otherwise without proof?
  3. Saddam was killing his own people. Well, he was, about twelve years before that when we were there the first time. Why didn't we do something about it then? Or for that matter, why didn't we do something about it in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, etc.?

So now that we're over there with people jumping out and shooting at us, troop morale blows, and we're headed to perhaps the biggest deficit in history, remind me again what the point was?


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