Why the NBA is screwed up

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 7, 2010, 11:26 AM | comments: 1

First they fired Mike Brown, and now Danny Ferry is leaving the Cavs. Why? Because again they failed to win a championship (or even make it to the finals). Doesn't all of that suck and smell bad when the person really responsible for the failure is someone else completely?

Yeah, I'm talking about you, Lebron James. The person really responsible for the failure of the Cavs not only can keep his job and demand a bigger pay check, but he also can do so anywhere in the league. That's messed up. It's gotten to the point where the players have all the clout and none of the responsibility. All that bloodshed around the Cavs organization, and the one person who really should have made the difference is getting his ass perpetually kissed. Lame.

And now I have to watch Kobe be a smug asshole yet again.


Leo, June 7, 2010, 6:16 PM #

First, let me say I do enjoy watching Lebron play. Having said that, you couldn't be more on point. It was Lebron's failure to perform, or even play, in the last two playoff games with Boston that resulted in the Cav's failure.
Did Mike Brown make some mistakes as well? Sure, but nothing to end his coaching tenure and Danny Ferry was caught in the middle with the owner and Lebron. What I would like to know is what really caused Lebron's meltdown in the playoff series? Watching him, he was disconnected from the game, anxious and did not display a hint of being a team leader or anything approaching mvp. In short, that was not Lebron, the basketball player on the court. We may never know what caused this turnabout, but more importantly, what do we know that tells us this won't happen again? I remain a Cavs fan first, a basketball fan second. Lebron has yet to prove himself and has clearly indicated he is far from a King James. I feel betrayed and I don't know why. It is indeed a bad smell. Meanwhile, I can cheer on Boston...........

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