Why the US Postal Service sucks

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 3:10 PM | comments: 0
I had to go to the post office yesterday to pickup certified mail from my former employer regarding insurance continuation. Aside from feeling like they were still wasting my time, I waited a half-hour in line. I shouldn't have had to, but my idiot carrier couldn't follow the directions on their own form about when to redeliver.

So I'm standing there and seeing their rates to ship stuff, plus all the up-charges to get a signature or track it. What a rip-off. With UPS I can ship a one pound box, require a signature, insure it up to $50 and track it online for just under $5. Hell, I can even print the label online, and UPS will send me printer labels and even envelopes.

The USPS could be a money maker for the government, but instead is a drain. It's time to get real supply chain and technology experts in there to fix things.


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