Windows Phone fanboy: Guilty

posted by Jeff | Thursday, October 28, 2010, 7:11 PM | comments: 0

I have to admit that I'm starting to really drink the Windows Phone 7 Kool-Aid®. I've had pretty high hopes for it since I first saw it, but with every demo I start to become drawn to it more and more. Today's keynote at PDC was another example of that. I mean, look at the demo app ScottGu builds and compare that experience to "Hello World" on iPhone. No comparison.

When the phones do come out next month, I may still wait unless I can't stand it. My early termination fee on the iPhone will be around $100 at that point (it's prorated for "time served"), so considering the phone is free, that might not be horrible. I would like at that point to give Diana my phone so she at least has 3G data service.

Wait factors include the equipment at launch. I'm not sure if I'll like any of the models AT&T is carrying. Of the US models, I actually think the HTC HD7 looks nicest, but it's on T-Mobile. On paper, the Samsung Focus (AT&T) might be best for size and battery life, but I'll have to see it in real life. I like durable feeling stuff!

I haven't worked much on my app lately, but then I haven't worked on much of anything of my own lately. Must get back to it.


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