Winter blah blah blah already

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 18, 2005, 6:06 PM | comments: 1

Wow, it's not even Thanksgiving and already the seasonal affective disorder is kicking my ass.

For example, I was at Best Buy today with a 10% coupon, and I nearly walked out with an HDTV. Yeah, as if that's some kind of decision you just make. And I don't mean some little 27", I'm talking about a 60" Sony. My debt situation is very, very stressing, and yet I entertained that idea. That's screwed up.

Then to aggravate the situation today, I wanted to go see one of my kids play in her all-star game, but couldn't because I didn't get home in time enough to get out there. Who schedules these things at 6pm?

All I want to do is sit in front of the fireplace and watch TV. It's extraordinarily pathetic, and allowing myself to be that way makes me feel even worse. I'm seriously annoyed.

This is going to be a long winter...


CPLady, November 19, 2005, 12:48 PM #

At least you aren't alone. I'm generally pretty good about keeping the SAD at bay, but it's been a bit more challenging this year. I think it's because I don't have a PS2 and DDR this year which kept me active instead of just zoning in front of the TV.

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