Working "the feature"

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 1:43 AM | comments: 0

The feature I was working on for CoasterBuzz is safely in the hands of club members for testing, although with only 300-something club members, of which only a small percentage regularly contribute on the site, it might not be the biggest test. Still, they've found some basic problems, which I'd hate to have exposed to more people. Still a few things to work in, but the hardest stuff is done.

One of the things that's clear is that I'll eventually have to rewrite the forum app, yet again. I'm pushing it a bit beyond the limits of what it's supposed to do. It's also not abstract enough to make it easy to maintain and test. Naturally I'd do it in MVC if I did rewrite it.

But that kind of thing has to come some time later. I'm trying to focus on delivering new stuff, and entirely new projects, as that's where the greatest amount of growth potential is. I've gotta grow the company, or get the growth started, then go back to iterating on old stuff.

And with that, I need a break from it. Wrists hurt, brain hurts and I need to spend human time with Diana when she gets back tomorrow. I'm really pleased with the quantity and quality of work I'm doing lately, in part because I log what I'm doing so I'm more accountable to myself.

Jeff Putz week starts late in the afternoon...


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