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posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 1, 2004, 8:55 AM | comments: 0
The ASP.NET book I want to write is looking like a go after an e-mail from the publisher last weekend. No contract yet, but they seem to be pretty excited about it. They even think it could be a big seller, which would be extra nice.

The top 1,000 screenplays were named in Project Greenlight, and sadly, mine was not among them out of the 4,000+ submitted. The only one I really liked of the three I reviewed wasn't among them either, but the one that was kind of cheeseball action did make it. Go figure.

What was disappointing was that of the seven reviews I had, most were useless in terms of criticism I could use. Things like "characters aren't believable" (odd since the characters are all based on real people) and "it's boring" don't make for comments I can use. There were two fairly good comments though. One suggested contrasting more the development of "Jeff" against the relatively unchanging "Frank." Another suggested shortening the first act and getting more to the root of why "Jeff" struggles to make the girl connection. That's good feedback, and something I'll take into consideration if I go back to revise the script.

Meanwhile, I think that blogging regularly really helps you stay sharp in terms of writing. It's true that 90% is just stupid shit streaming from your head, but it does help.

I need to write some stuff for uberasp.net in a big way. I also would like to write some volleyball stuff, and maybe create a volleyball site. Perhaps things to consider during my "off time" I hope to take.


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