X-Play is still on?

posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 18, 2007, 11:52 AM | comments: 0

TechTV is like a distant memory now. It's funny how I watched "The Screen Savers" every day. I really miss that show.

I was flipping around through channels today and saw that "X-Play" was on G4, the last remnant of TechTV. I remember reading somewhere that it's the most watched show on the shitty network. And what kills me about that, is that the show has essentially held the same format it had when it was on TechTV. You have to wonder how many executives at Comcast were fired for tanking an entire network that generally got it right, and had the geek cred to appeal to people expensive advertisers wanted to reach.

As the show I peeked in on ended, another one started, and it was a musical. Big sets, singing, dancing... the whole bit. I was a little horrified, but I supposed it wasn't that bad. Making Adam and Morgan sing was funny enough.

I remember when Morgan was just a quirky producer on "The Screen Savers." She had short bleached hair with dark roots, had that whole alt-chick pixie thing going, and really struggled to talk on camera. It was very charming. Now she's got long black hair, off the charts hot in a mainstream way and delivers on camera like she was doing it for ten years. I hope she's still a geek, and still plays the games. That's what made her persona work, seeing as how a cute gamer girl is probably every teenager's dream.


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