Yahoo is killing itself and the Web

posted by Jeff | Thursday, January 10, 2002, 11:57 AM | comments: 0

Has anyone noticed that Yahoo now wants $299 just to look at the site you want to list in their directory? What's worse, they want you to shell out that much every year now if you have a commercial site.

I realize that the ad market has pretty much tanked, but one of the reasons Yahoo has become so popular is because its results are relevant. How relevant does it become when you need to shell out big dollars to get your site up there? Suddenly the directory value is one of commercial roots only, and the little guys get shut out.

I remember back in the day that getting your site listed on Yahoo was like gold. It might double or even tripple your traffic. It still matters, but there are times when it seems a good Google search for the right terms will get people headed your way as well.

It's so odd how the Internet has changed so quickly. Making money is nice, but anymore surviving is a good start.


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