Yes, I'm aware that I'm having a rather intense year

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 1:11 AM | comments: 0

For some reason, everyone I've talked to lately, from Realtors® to people taking my furniture, end up getting the condensed version of my life in that last six months. And all point out the obvious: "Wow, you're having most of life's greatest stresses all at once!" Thanks for that!

It's true. By the time I start the new job, I will in the span of seven months managed to get married, procreate, get laid-off, be unemployed for seven months (or self-employed, if you will, since I did not collect a dime), attempt to sell two houses, relocate 2,400 miles and start a new job. I'm aware that these are a lot of intense things squeezed into a relatively short period of time.

So how am I handling it all? Mostly in stride I'd like to think. I have my moments where I just switch off. I've also found myself being kind of a snippy dick toward Diana, which is when I know that I need to relax a bit. But the truth of the matter is that I've chosen most of this, and it's good. I'd be a schmuck to complain.

Regarding the job, that's the thing I worry the least about. I've never been a nervous job guy. Right now, it's the thing I look most forward to, because once I've started, I'm in the home stretch toward settling down in a place, and I'm finally engaging my brain on a full-time basis again. Wow do I need that.

If you encounter me in real life over the course of the next several weeks, you need not remind me that I'm having a "busy" year. I'm aware of it. :)


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