Yoda and Star Wars kicks ass

posted by Jeff | Friday, May 17, 2002, 2:03 PM | comments: 0

Now that Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones is out, I see critics are already dissing it. I'm guessing they forgot how to enjoy movies. Get a grip... this isn't Oscar material or anything, it's just a good story. It's the classic tragic love story with giant political overtones.

The only thing I can give the critics is that the movie isn't one to stand alone. It's part of the series. The only one so far that wasn't like that was Episode IV, since Lucas didn't know if they'd ever make the rest. That aside, the movie did several things for me.

First, it better showed the Jedi place in the universe. It's better understood who they are and what their part in society is. Heck, it even starts to explain why they went down the tubes with the rise of the empire.

Second, it starts to explain how the emporor came to power and who he used to get there. Everyone played everyone, and until you stop and think about it after the movie, it's hard to realize who the good guys really are. The Trade Federation guys play more of a role than perhaps previously realized, that's for sure, and it wasn't the one I thought.

Yoda finally gets his day. Now everyone understands why he kicks so much ass. Oh yes... this is easily one of the highlights of the film.

We finally get to see what got Anakin so pissed off that he started down that dark side road. You feel bad for him because you know where he's headed, and he seems incapable of doing anything about it.

This movie already has me jumping for Episode III, which we all know is going to be a downer because it will have to include the fall of the republic, the rise of Palpatine, the near wipeout of the Jedi, the birth of Luke and Leia, the assumed death of Padme... really dark stuff. I can't wait!

The critics can go fuck themselves... I really enjoyed the movie.


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