Another car done before its time

posted by Jeff | Friday, February 23, 2024, 3:18 PM | comments: 0

Diana went to Epcot on Monday to spend some time with her cousin. She was on her way out of thee parking lot, when a guy in a Disney maintenance vehicle clipped her in the rear quarter panel. She had the right of way, and there's no telling what the hell the guy was doing, but it clearly was not paying attention. We've got the video footage (below) to prove it.

The damage ended up being about $17k, and with whatever math Florida uses, that makes it a total loss. We had it almost six years and 62k miles. Battery range was still around 290, from 310 originally (you know, for the haters that still think you need to replace your battery). We just had it repaired after the great crowbar incident of 2023. I figured we could easily get a few more years out of it, because outside of cosmetic things, the car was tip-top. And of course, this happens just a few months before we paid it off. So now we've gotta buy another car, which I hoped not to do for quite some time.

And this is our second totaled car in about three years. Don't forget the teenager who blindsided Diana after work one night, killing the leased Nissan Leaf we had.

This isn't going to break us, but it also feels like we can't catch a break.


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