Mounting pre-move suck

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 8:47 PM | comments: 0

When I started to plan out the great move of 2011, the anti-move of 2009, I figured, "Sweet, I'll have about two weeks between the end of work and the time I need to start traveling, so we'll have some good times and do lots of stuff."

The good news is that we have done lots of stuff. The bad news is that for the last few days, life keeps kicking me square in the balls with random crap.

For starters, Simon is having night time issues, primarily with his diapers. After some experimentation when he was born, we found out quickly that the only relatively blow-out and leak-proof brand was Pampers, in the purple and green boxes (Diana knows what that is). We've enjoyed this security of #1 and #2 now for 18 months. Then, they changed them up with some kind of different design. Now, he keeps leaking. Last night we went through several sets of pajamas and bed sheets in the course of a few hours. The "night time" model is even worse. Mind you, I have observed him when wearing non-unitard jammies that he pulls at the pants and/or diaper, so that could be a factor.

Just as we were going to bed last night, I noticed some pinkish liquid on the floor in our bedroom. I wondered if a cat was bleeding, and went to Cosmo first because the boys were intensely chasing her. Caught up with her to find her seeping something pink out of nether regions, presumably bloody urine. Observed that she kept getting in the litter box but not doing anything. Sigh. Given the lasting trauma around the passing of Luna, I dread losing Cosmo even though I'm ready for it, if that makes sense. She's 14. Tonight she's staying overnight in the hospital to get a urine sample, and I'm trying not to think about it.

Today I hoped to go back up to Mt. Rainier, only this time go up to the Sunrise point on the northeast side, for some different views. Clouds were too much, so we bailed on that idea. Went down to the waterfront instead, Diana had seafood, we went to the Penzeys store, and for shits and giggles, went to the aquarium. It was expensive, but I don't really mind helping out a place like that. Besides, I really needed the diversion.

Tonight, after a nice calm and relaxed bed time, Simon started crying in bed, and as soon as Diana picked him up, he hurled all over her. I'm talking epic spew. Not the slightest idea what caused it. We put him in the bath to chill out a bit, and he was smiling in no time. I got him some cold water, and after he put away half of a bottle, he peacefully went back to bed (after much sanitation by Diana). I guess it might have been something he ate, but I don't know. Come to think of it, he did keep pushing away his milk, but he had no problem sucking it down after his initial bath.

The move itself doesn't worry me. People will pack up my crap on Friday, and put it on a truck on Monday. It all just happens. What's causing me stress is the actual drive, because it's just me and the cats. I do not look forward to it at all. I have no backup. The mental challenge, especially through the eastern parts of South Dakota and southern Minnesota, is intense. With Cosmo being an unknown, that doesn't make it any easier.

I could really do without all of this drama. We still have some fun things to do before we move, and I could do without the added stress.


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