Nesting in the palm trees

posted by Jeff | Saturday, March 29, 2014, 11:47 PM | comments: 1

It's hard to believe that we've been in the new house now for three weeks. There really hasn't been any sense of routine or settlement yet, because we've had house guests, spring break and a lack of school, and of course the piles of boxes. We haven't even 100% vacated the rental yet, as we have a few things there and some cleaning to do.

Still, the nesting process is well under way, and it is starting to feel like a home. Today we cracked open some boxes, full of books and framed photos, that we haven't seen since July. I put up the canvas photos of Mt. Rainier, and some things in my office. It feels a little more comfortable every day, though we've been so active that we haven't really enjoyed it much.

Some things were ready right away, most notably the kitchen. Stuff keeps migrating between cabinets, but Diana had that room functional almost immediately. We still desperately need a light fixture in there, but we'll find something. Her sewing room is mostly functional, too. Simon's room is really comfortable, and I love the ceiling fan we bought him. Our room needs a fan, and some stuff on the walls and windows (and I want a big round rug to put under the end of the bed), but it's also comfortable.

I think the important thing is that I'm allowing myself to feel a sense of home, which is really not something I've had since probably before Stephanie and I split. I've equated that feeling with stagnation and some lesser state, for no really rational reason. There were so many years of uncertainty. Now the only thing that feels uncertain is my next job (since I'm doing contract work), but hopefully I can land something that is not contract, and very long-term. That would definitely put me at ease.

We had a stormy afternoon, but it was around 80 degrees. When I was out at the grocery store, I remembered how much better life feels when you're not messing with snow and cold. Then sprinkle in things like train whistles, water skiers on the lake behind your house, great neighbors, a zip line, and you know, it ain't all bad. Settling into a place to live is not a bad way to go.



March 30, 2014, 6:35 PM #

Sigh, so jealous. Today it's perfectly sunny and blue skies but when you lower your eyes to the ground there is a layer of snow quickly turning to slush in the sun. Next week it looks like it's going to stay above the 30s finally. Argh. You picked the perfect winter to transition south.

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