"Those" Disney people

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One of the things you notice about the Internet is that some "fans" of things hate what they're fans of. I wrote about those people last year. I don't imagine that they're very fun people to hang out with.

Our maiden voyage on the Disney Wish was booked in order of Castaway Club rank, or more specifically, number of previous sailings. I think it started with the 20+ group, which we missed by one because of Covid, putting us in the 15+ group. As best we can tell, it sold out at that level, meaning everyone on the cruise was an experienced DCL cruiser. By extension, you can infer that this group included a lot of super fans. You know, "those" Disney people that are a real hoot because they hate everything.

We definitely encountered those folks. There was a woman at the next table one morning, at breakfast, complaining to the table busser (it was the buffet) about how they did not have a juicer, and this failure was making for a really disappointing cruise. Not only did she keep complaining to the guy, but she stopped an officer and complained to him too. People like what they like, cool, but is a juicer really going to make or break your cruise? And by the way, there was a juicer in one restaurant, serving juiced fruit at lunch. We also saw her having a pretty good time in a free throw shooting contest with her family that very same day in the Hero Zone.

There were a lot of entitled, full-grown adults like that. They weren't hard to spot, especially with so few children on the cruise. They complained about a lot of things, mostly small, and it was not a good look. Then after the cruise, they all went to one of the two Facebook groups that were set up for that cruise, and complained some more. I think what makes it more gross is that it stinks of white privilege, as the cruise was mostly well-to-do white people, while the crew is international and rarely coming from wealth. I stress that this was a noisy minority, because many frequent DCL cruisers keep in touch with, and even build relationships, with crew they encounter, and it's a very respectful arrangement.

I imagine things will be back to normal next time around. Less of "those" people, more happy families.


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