I might be a little obsessed with Wet Leg

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 2, 2022, 10:52 PM | comments: 0

In the last few years, I've spent a lot of time ranting about how the rock album has largely seemed to disappear from the music scene. Then, last year, Wolf Alice release Blue Weekend and I lost my fucking mind over it. This year, as it turns out, has to me been the triumphant return of the rock-n-roll album. I mean, Tears For Fears released what is arguably their best album, decades after making a couple of the best albums of the 80's and 90's. But across all the genres, SOFI TUKKER put out an electronic/dance album that is amazing, The Regrettes went more pop but put out a cohesive work, and shit, where did Maggie Rogers come from? Oh, and I'm still listening to the albums from Wolf Alice, Billie Eilish, Grouplove and Garbage.

But I have to admit that Wet Leg has captured my obsession. When "Chaise Longue" came out, I thought, yeah, that's a fun novelty. But then I heard "Too Late Now," and I realized there was something more there. I bought the album, and I've been obsessively listening to it. I don't know what "post punk" is supposed to mean, but I do know that what they're playing is better than the homogenous emo bullshit and forgettable pop that tends to dominate American radio these days. And then there have been countless YouTube cuts of them playing full concerts and the crowds understandably go apeshit over them. It's just really fun rock music that I feel like we rarely see anymore. And sure, part of it is that Rhian, the lead singer, seems like the nerdy girl in college that I wanted to hang out with, and her bandmate Hester has cool, classic tattoos. None of it is pretentious or precious, it's just super fun.

This leaves me in a place where I know they're playing in Orlando, but in a venue that is quite literally a strip mall and is sold out. I'm bitter about that.

Now everything is going wrongI think I changed my mind againI'm not sure if this is a songI don't even know what I'm sayingEverything is going wrongI think I changed my mind againI'm not sure if this is the kinda lifeThat I saw myself livingI don't need no dating appTo tell me if I look like crapTo tell me if I'm thin or fatTo tell me should I shave my ratI don't need no radioNo MTV, no BBCI just need a bubble bathTo set me on a higher path


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